2020 UK 50p Dinosaurs - Iguanodon Silver Proof
2020 UK 50p Dinosaurs - Iguanodon Silver Proof

2020 UK 50p Dinosaurs - Iguanodon Silver Proof

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Perfect for every big kid in the coin collector world - and every young kid too! - The Royal Mint's Dinosauria series is brilliant, as one might expect from one of the world's leading coin producers.

The second coin in The Royal Mint's three-part Dinosauria collection features the Iguanodon, the second dinosaur ever classified scientifically and the victim of a serious misjudgement in its original re-construction! First imaginations had the Iguanodon as a quadruped reptile, with a spike/horn on its snout. Later, more modern renditions suggest the Iguanodon probably stood both on two legs or four, and the spike was actually in place of its thumb!

Created in conjunction with the British Natural History Museum in London, each Iguanodon 50p features the latest understanding of how this ancient herbivore appeared, along with a depiction of that misplaced spike bone!

Mintage just 3,000 - a ridiculous figure for the huge UK coin collector world, and very likely to sell out.

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Monetary Denomination: 50p
Country: United Kingdom
Fineness (% purity): 92.5
Metal: Silver
Minimum Gross Weight (g): 8
Maximum size (mm): 27.3
Maximum Mintage: