PLEASE NOTE: Following the Christmas period, we are taking a break! Along the way, we will also be in attendance at the Berlin World Money Fair. Any orders placed during this time will be despatched as soon as we return in the first week of February.

About Me

Beginning a career in Collector Coinage back in the early 2000's, I was lucky to work for one of the biggest companies in the industry. What did I learn there? Well, besides the basics of modern Australian coinage (plus much more about old Australian coins!), I learnt that collecting coins is an incredibly rewarding hobby. It is all of educational, self-improving, chock full of beauty, and rather satisfying.

Fast forward almost two decades and the opportunity to open my own, small, online collector coin business was sprung upon me. After a short time "ummming" and "aaahing" (and a few beers, it should be said), the decision was made. Yes! I will do it!

And so here we are. Melbourne Coin Company was born. Named after my beloved home town, it is an exciting time for me. And, I hope something that lasts for some years to come.