2021 Tokelau $10 Dragon & Ox 2oz Silver Coin
2021 Tokelau $10 Dragon & Ox 2oz Silver Coin

2021 Tokelau $10 Dragon & Ox 2oz Silver Coin

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A well considered concept, this collector coin takes on the traditional Chinese Dragon, representing hope, luck, and success, and pairs it with  mighty bull Ox. The Bull, in Western culture is often seen as  indicative of a rising market, and increased opportunity; uniting these two animal symbols together is almost certain to bring the holder good fortune!

Featuring a design of an ox asserting strength and power. Behind it, the dragon surrounds the ox with its body, providing protection and guardianship. In the background, intricate caisson architecture that bears immense cultural significance due to its similarity to the Taoist Ba Gua sign.

This remarkable collector coin measures a MASSIVE 80mm in diameter! Struck with a minting technique, called 'Bi-Metal Plus', that combines 11.5oz of copper in between two layers of fine silver, the result is this HUGE, ultra high relief beauty!

Mintage just 500 pieces.

Monetary Denomination: $10
Country: Tokelau
Fineness (% purity): 99.9
Metal: Silver
Minimum Gross Weight (g): 62.2 (silver), 326g (copper)
Maximum Diameter (mm): 80
Maximum Mintage: 500