2020 Niue $2 Pterodactyl 1oz Silver Proof

2020 Niue $2 Pterodactyl 1oz Silver Proof

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Dinosaurs - an almost impossible concept to consider. More than 65 million years ago, reptiles as tall as a skyscraper walked the earth? Predators the size of a school bus terrorised the planet? Its all true. And these gigantic beasts have inspired and fascinated us for at least 200 years, if not for centuries before that.

Though technically not a dinosaur, the Pterodactyl was certainly a contemporary of these huge beasts. And, in itself, the Pterodactyl was a monstrous FLYING reptile! That may be even more terrifying! This magnificent ancient, flying reptile appears in full colour on the third release of this Dinosaur series.

Limited Mintage is just 2,000.

      Monetary Denomination: $2
      Country: Niue
      Fineness (% purity): 99.9
      Metal: Silver
      Minimum Gross Weight (g): 31.1
      Dimensions (mm): 40
      Maximum Mintage: 2,000