2020 $1 Qantas Centenary Unc
2020 $1 Qantas Centenary Unc

2020 $1 Qantas Centenary Unc

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Always a momentous occasion, a new circulating commemorative coin also causes much distress, as collectors realise that not all corners of the country receive the new coins immediately. And some parts never receive large volumes of any new circulating design.
Luckily, this new circulating QANTAS commemorative design has also been supplied exclusively to Royal Australian Mint distributors in official mint rolls - which means that Mint-state QANTAS coins are now available!

Each $1 will be delivered in a protective SAFLIP holder.

Monetary Denomination:  $1
Country:  Australia
Fineness (% purity):  N/A
Metal: Aluminium Bronze
Minimum Gross Weight (g):  9
Maximum Diameter (mm):  25
Maximum Mintage:  N/A