2019 $2 Police Remembrance Unc
2019 $2 Police Remembrance Unc

2019 $2 Police Remembrance Unc

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The most popular, most exciting, and quickest to rise in value of any coins in recent memory, the Royal Australian Mint’s coloured $2 commemorative coins have sparked a whole new generation of coin collectors.
In August 2019, without fanfare, a new addition to the $2 series was issued into circulation, ready to commemorate National Police Remembrance Day on September 29th.
Featuring the familiar blue and white checks encircling St Edwards crown, and set against the Federation star, the new 2019 release might be the most attractive of all of the $2 coins thus far.
That circulating coin is available here in mint condition. All of these examples of the circulating Police Remembrance $2 issue have been taken direct from official Mint Rolls, and have not been through tills, nor in the pockets of the blokes at the pub! 

Monetary Denomination:  $2
Country:  Australia
Fineness (% purity):  N/A
Metal: Aluminium-Bronze
Minimum Gross Weight (g):  6.6
Maximum Diameter (mm):  20.5
Maximum Mintage:  Unknown