2019 $1 Vegemite Stamp & Coin Cover

2019 $1 Vegemite Stamp & Coin Cover

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Were you a Vegemite kid? Are you still a Vegemite kid? Then there's probably little chance that you can miss this special Australia Post coin & stamp cover!

Each of these special philatelic and numismatic collectables unites the Royal Australian Mint's V for Vegemite $1 coin with an Australia Post's own $1 "V is for..." stamp, together in a special full colour envelope pack. And each is completed with a unique Vegemite post cancellation!

Limited edition just 6,500. 

Monetary Denomination: $1
Country: Australia
Fineness (% purity): N/A
Metal: Aluminium-Bronze
Minimum Gross Weight (g): 9
Maximum size (mm): 25
Maximum Limited Edition: