2018 Cameroon 1000Fr Gonzaga Skull 1oz Silver Coin

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The third coin in a mysterious series named “Carved Skulls”, this 2018 coin features an ominous design of a skull and two snakes… Described as “Clade Mortis”, a Latin term that translates to “Defeat Death”, this 1oz silver coin depicts a skull engulfed by a large python; On the peak of the skull, a carving of a smaller skull that is, in turn, biting a smaller gold-plated snake – in effect, “what goes around, comes around.”

Struck using an ultra high relief process, each Clade Mortis Skull is part of a limited mintage of just 666 pieces worldwide.

PRE-ORDER OPPORTUNITY: Delivery expected late November.


Monetary Denomination:  1000 Francs
Country:  Cameroon
Fineness (% purity):  99.9
Metal: Silver
Minimum Gross Weight (g):  31.1
Maximum Diameter (mm):  38.61
Maximum Mintage:  666