1997 $1 Kingsford-Smith Two-coin Set

1997 $1 Kingsford-Smith Two-coin Set

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Honouring the birth of an Australian aviation Pioneer, this 1997 Royal Australian Mint set features two $1 coins in honour of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

The first pilot to ever fly across the Pacific Ocean, from the USA through to Australia, Kingsford-Smith is an icon from an era when our Nation was building its identity.

So important is he, that in 1997 the Mint issued both a circulating coin design AND a Collectable coin design! Both coins were packaged together in this special, official, coin pair, creating not just a wonderful collectable, but also a perfect tribute to an early Aussie pioneer.

Monetary Denomination: $1
Country: Australia
Fineness (% purity): N/A
Metal: Aluminium Bronze
Minimum Gross Weight (g): 9
Maximum Diameter (mm): 25
Limited Edition: 50,500