1996 $1 Henry Parkes C Mintmark Unc
1996 $1 Henry Parkes C Mintmark Unc

1996 $1 Henry Parkes C Mintmark Unc

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The man who headed the movement to federate the states and territories within this Great Southern Land, Sir Henry Parkes. So important was his role, and the result, that he has become known as the Father of Federation. As a moment in Australian history, the importance of Federation cannot be understated. From that moment, on New Year's Day, 2001, Australia became a complete nation; A country unto itself; It was the beginnings of the amazing place we live in today.

This coin, issued by the Royal Australian Mint in 1996, commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Parkes' death - yes, he did not survive long enough to see his dream become reality. Part of a series that year, this 25mm aluminium bronze dollar bears a 'C' mintmark, denoting that it was minted in Canberra. 

Monetary Denomination: $1
Country: Australia
Fineness (% purity): N/A
Metal: Aluminium Bronze
Minimum Gross Weight (g): 9
Maximum Diameter (mm): 25
Maximum Limited Edition: 272,800