1797 Cartwheel Penny 120mm Proof Replica
1797 Cartwheel Penny 120mm Proof Replica

1797 Cartwheel Penny 120mm Proof Replica

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A monster both physically and culturally, this historic coin replica measures 120mm in diameter, and weighs over 600 grams! Its a BEAST!

Commemorating one of the first ever coins to circulate in the fledgling Australian colony, Britain's 1797 Cartwheel Penny, this massive copper replica bears the exact same design as the historic issue that helped make Australia what it is today.

Struck on over 600 grams of bright red copper, this beauty (and beast) is made to perfect proof quality and, again, is a MASSIVE 120mm in diameter. Amazing.

Housed in a case, this huge commemorative piece makes for a superb historical memento but, really... at its size (that's 120mm!), and in blazing red copper, the 1797 Cartwheel Penny replica is one of those rare issues that has serious appeal on looks alone! Its a rock star! 

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The Cartwheel Penny Story

Not just a key coin in Australia's currency history, the 1797 Cartwheel penny (and its bigger brother, the Twopence) stands out in British history too. Struck at Matthew Boulton's Steam Powered Soho Mint, not far from Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, where the modern day Commonwealth Mint (the producer of this replica!) resides, the Cartwheel lasted just one year. The reason? They were huge! Much like Australia's own 1937 & 1938 Crown, the public resisted carrying these giant copper coins around in their daily change.

However, regardless of whether the British public liked them or not, the Cartwheels came into existence just as the Australian colony was springing to life. The need for circulating currency was pressing, and the governor of the day issued a Proclamation declaring various foreign coins to be worth more than their face value - but only in the NSW colony. And thus the newly minted cartwheel became one of those issues, and entered itself into Australian coinage history. 

Monetary Denomination:  N/A
Country:  N/A
Fineness (% purity):  N/A
Metal: Copper
Minimum Gross Weight (g):  ~600
Maximum Diameter (mm):  120
Maximum Mintage:  N/A