Win a Tooth Fairy $2 Coin Kit!

Simply place an order to go into the draw!

Currently sold out and unavailable at the Royal Australian Mint, I was lucky enough (wise enough? Nah...) to receive four of the 2020 $2 Tooth Fairy Kits ten days ago.

What to do with four Tooth Fairy kits? Its not enough to offer for sale... so I'm holding a competition! Open to anybody, anywhere, to enter just place an order for anything, between the 18th of May 2020 and the 31st of May 2020! Every order between these dates goes into the draw and on the 1st of June, there'll be four different names pulled out of a hat to receive a Tooth Fairy Kit for FREE!!!

What kind of thing can you order, to go into the draw? Well, you could order a protective capsule for your Queen's Beasts silver coins for just $3.95. Important, yes. And the thought of turning that $3.95 into a Tooth Fairy kit is tempting! But, instead, why not start by browsing my new $1 Coin Category? Click the link below!