Time for some Christmas fun! These “Loot Bundle” contains multiple different items! And the only items guaranteed is the 2021 $2 Ambulance Mint Roll and 2021 $2 Indigenous Flag Mint Roll, respectively! But what is the catch?? Well, you can’t simply order the Loot Bundles, you have to go into the Lottery!

Scroll down for more info!

How it works:

Add one or both of these two “loot” items to your cart – both are free, and both represent your entry into a lottery. On the 15th of December, I’ll pull 25 names out of one loot bundle draw, and 25 names out of the other loot bundle draw. Those names will receive an invoice for the corresponding Loot! Of course, its no secret that the real attraction here is the two types of rolls… but take note: Everything here is offered at a sum price below the official issue prices. As we know, all Mint rolls go hysterically up in value very quickly… so this Loot is truly just that! Its Loot! Do not miss your chance.
One entry per bundle, please. Multiple entries will be removed.