Berlin World Money Fair

Held annually at the end of January and early February, the World Money Fair is the largest Numismatic event in the world. In 2019, 330 exhibitors were in attendance and over 15,000 visitors came through the doors... its a monumental coin collecting occasion!

For 2020, the World Money Fair begins for industry professionals with meetings and functions from the 27th of January and then, on the 31st... the doors are flung open for the public to stream in! Chaos ensues every year - trust me!

Personally, I've been lucky enough to attend several World Money Fairs over the past 15 years and will again be there in Berlin for 2020. Whilst this means that order despatch will be placed on hold for a week, it also means that any orders placed during my absence will go into the running for a Prize Draw! Yes! If you're patient with my absence, you could win! Click HERE for Terms, Conditions, and details of what you might win!


Melbourne Coin Company

Click HERE to view the prize up for grabs at Melbourne Coin Co during the World Money Fair week!!!