2019 $1 Mob of Roos 'A' Mintmark Unc
2019 $1 Mob of Roos 'A' Mintmark Unc

2019 $1 Mob of Roos 'A' Mintmark Unc

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Setting the collector world alight in October and November of 2018, the Royal Australian Mint's "Dollar Discovery" program is a wonderful initiative, designed to bring more and more new collectors to this addictive hobby.

One million of each of three special 2019 $1 privymark coins were released into circulation... and the hunt began in earnest! Featuring an 'A', 'U', or 'S' privymark respectively, each of these "time travelling coins" (2019 issued in 2018!) also feature a micro-minted '35' celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Australian $1 coin in 2019.

As we all know, coins found in circulation are rarely ever in perfect shape and, over time, the chances of finding mint condition coins becomes virtually impossible. Available here, the 2019 $1 'A' privymark coin, Uncirculated, and housed in a PVC-free flip. 

Monetary Denomination:  $1
Country:  Australia
Fineness (% purity):  N/A
Metal: Aluminium Bronze
Minimum Gross Weight (g):  9
Maximum Diameter (mm):  25
Maximum Mintage:  1,000,000